Is it time to convert your old Neon Channel Letter Sign to LED? Nearly all new channel letter signs are LED. Neon is now a niche product used for special effects. So what is your competitor getting out of the new LED Signs that you are missing. It turns out – a lot! Signs in Port St. Lucie Signs in West Palm Beach Sign Shop Treasure Coast

Channel Letter LEDs come in red, blue and white, But first: What is an LED? LED stands for (light emitting diode). It is smaller, runs cold, is brighter, longer lasting than neon or fluorescent lamps.

Here are the benefits of LED conversion:

1 Electric cost – LEDs are about 70% more energy efficient. This will actually pay for the sign over time – cheaper to run, more money in your pocket

2 Maintenance costs drop – Neon is delicate and has a limited life. We get calls all the time about neon tubes that crack. It is a hassle. We take the tube out, run back and shape a tube (this is not cheap) and then come back and install it. A couple of broken neon tubes pays for the conversion to LEDs

3 LEDs are brighter. LEDs give you a bright and clean look. They turn on immediately and stay bright over years. Neon gradually dims and can make your sign dull and lifeless. LEDs are brighter than Neon?

4 LEDs do not change seasonally. You may notice in colder winter months, the Neon lights up less quickly, and has a dimmer look. LEDs are not effected by the cold.

5 The price of LEDs are going down. 5 years ago, the cost of conversion was prohibitive, but not today. The costs to get the better stuff is a lot lower than it was.

6 California is legally forcing LEDs to limit energy waste. For example, a new law proposed in California, contains a requirement that electrical energy use in signs must be significantly reduced by 25% to 50%. This will eventually put a complete end to neon lighting, since neon filled tubing does not have the ability to be dimmed. LEDs are dimmable. LEDs are brighter than Neon?

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Channel letters are customizable metal or plastic letters commonly used as exterior signage on the outside of storefronts, strip malls, public buildings and offices, and are often illuminated, although they don’t have to be. Channel letters have helped businesses shape their identity and offer brand awareness and visibility from miles away.

There are hundreds of possible channel letter choice combinations. From varied fonts to materials, styles, sizes and colors, LCR Signs can customize channel letters to fit the style, theme and brand of your business. There are even illumination options, such as neon or LED, giving you more opportunity to find channel letters that will not only match your business’s style, but its needs as well. Channel letters require very little maintenance and are designed to last for years, making them one of the best investments you will make in your business.

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